Pat your wet swimwear dry with a towel and then leave it to fully dry in the shade or back in your room. This will help your swimwear retain its shape for longer. Please avoid the following: Wringing out, vigorous rubbing, direct sunlight, radiators, dryers or irons – all these will damage the fabric and will make it brittle.

Machine-wash at 30 degrees

We recommend using a laundry bag and mild detergent if you prefer machine-washing. Please do not use fabric conditioner, as it will reduce the elasticity of the fibres.


We recommend wrapping your wet swimwear in a towel and then unpacking it as soon as possible at home or in your hotel room for a rinse as described above. Leaving the moist swimwear in your bag, rucksack or a plastic bag for too long will allow bacteria and mould to build-up, leading to unpleasant odours, mould stains or even widespread mould.

Whirlpool and massage jets

The high water pressure of massage jets will compromise fabric fibres and colours over time. The fabric will be damaged, will lose its integrity and the fit will suffer.


For swimwear with underwire, embroidered sequins or beading in particular, we recommend hand-washing in lukewarm to warm water using a mild detergent. Don't forget to thoroughly rinse your swimwear afterwards with clear water.

Sunscreen products

Suntan lotions and sprays are poison for the delicate fibres used in swimwear. Your best bet is to apply your sunscreen before you go to the beach, the lake or public pool. Allow at least 20 minutes for the product to be completely absorbed into your skin before you put on your swimwear. Try to avoid direct contact with the fabric when re-applying sunscreen later on.

Quick rinse after a day in the water

Make sure to rinse your swimwear with tap water after a day on the beach or at the pool. This will take care of any dirt particles as well as salt or chlorine residue.



Our fabrics are the perfect choice for swimmers. Highly adaptable, the garment fits like a second skin and is easy to care for, offering skin-friendly comfort.

Polyamid elastane

(80% PA / 20% EL or LYCRA®) Long-term elasticity, perfect fit and incredibly comfortable to wear. The traditional swimwear fabric.


(100% PES) A completely new, unrivalled fabric quality that is impervious to chlorinated water. The perfect choice for regular swimmers. Highly adaptable, the garment fits like a second skin and is easy to care for, offering skin-friendly comfort.



The perfect fit for your beach outfit - find the right size!

Cup size

1st step
Measure the circumference of your bust (at the widest point).

2nd step
Measure your underbust circumference (your ribcage directly under your breast)

3rd step
Calculate the difference between bust and underbust.

Swipe to scroll table
Difference (in cm) 12-14 14-16 16-18 18-20
Cup size A B C D

Difference (in cm) 20-22 22-24 24-26 26-28
Cup size E F G H
Underbust circumference* Size
65 cm 34
70 cm 36
75 cm 38
80 cm 40
85 cm 42
90 cm 44
95 cm 46
100 cm 48
105 cm 50
110 cm 52
115 cm 54
120 cm 56

*take a look at step 2 of cup size calculation